Jack-a-too Designs is OPEN!

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TheWife has opened the doors of Jack-a-too Designs, an Etsy storefront specializing in Custom wall art. So far we have had great interest in her work, but we need your help! Please spread the word, buy a piece, or just become a friend of the facebook page and tell your facebook friends. These are awesome pieces of art that will look great in any room, they make great gifts and can be very affordable! Get a custom 8X10 piece for just $15 or save a few bucks and get 3 for $40!


A letter to our Leader

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Dear Mr. President,

I was happy to read today about the $2500 tuition rebate that will be taking affect this year. I am sure it will be gone by the time my child is in school, but happy for all the parents and students who can use it now.

I do however have one question. When will I get help? I went to college with the promise of a better paying job. I was told "if you don’t go you won’t be able to get a good paying job." What I wasn’t told was, if you do go after you done you will have a bill well over 40K. now it’s been 4 years since I graduated and I have a monthly payment of over $400, with my wife’s its over $600 and close to 75K. With a monthly bill like that it’s very hard to support my family yet alone contribute to the economy.

So here is what I propose...
1) Some sort of tiered rebate for graduates with student loans more then 1 year old.(as usual there should be restrictions)
a) The rebate must be applied to the student loan.
b) Singles who earn over 50K and have less then 25K in loans, no rebate. 100K and 50K for Couple.

We have bailed out the banks…now it’s time to bail out the Students!

Sincerely yours,
Educatedbut Nowbroke


Is he Sleeping!?? or How to get your baby to sleep through the night

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Well we started Sleep Training sometime last week,you'll have to ask The Wife when. (maybe she will update this post with it) For those who don't know the Method we are using is called (Ask The Wife), this is where when your child wakes in the middle of the night you wait 5 min, go in the room and say what you said when the went to be bed "I love you Jack, Good night." and walk out. Dont touch them or pick them up. You repeat this for but increase to 10 then 15, never going over 15. Anyway it was Thurs or something, and here is how it went.

Night 1 - BAD....no SUPER BAD. It was what we had expected, he woke up a about 1am and I don't think we got back to bed till at least 230. After I felt like a horrible parent letting him Scream for an hour and a half, The Wife assured me it was the right thing and I wasn't.

Night 2 - Better...This time he woke up and we went in a few times but I think he was back down in a half an hour.

Night 3 - EVEN BETTER....This time he woke up about 3am, fussed for a few min (no Screaming) and put himself back to sleep!

Night 4 - Mission Accomplished? Slept from 8pm to 5am...

Night 5 - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Till 6am!

So now The Wife and I get full nights of sleep and the boy is happy as can be....

Daytime naps are very important, and this method should be used for them as well....
Jack was a great sleeper...till he got sick.
If you live in Duplex....hope your neighbors are sound sleepers like ours...
Sleep is very important for a young childs Development.
You are not a horrible parent...when your doing whats best for your child.


Jack's pool party

Posted by Emily Steiger on 4/29/2009 10:28:00 AM
Jack had his first experience in a pool this past weekend! Here's a little clip. ENJOY!!


Spring is in the air

Posted by Emily Steiger on 3/18/2009 08:50:00 AM

Spring may finally be here, at least the weather has been here! We technically have 2 more days until Spring is officially here, but Jack and I are taking full advantage of this beautiful weather weare having! Yesterday we played outside, went for a walk, blew bubbles, and took Zoe to the dogpark! It was a very eventful day and so nice to spend it outdoors! Can't beat 65 degree weather!!


One day he will want to kill me....

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After looking at all the hundreds, well maybe thousands of pictures I have taken of Jack, I have come to realize he will someday want to kill me! I know most parents take pictures of their kids and this arises at some point. believe me, I have looked back at pictures and thought to myself, what the hell did my parents do that to me. But poor Jack. At least I know my poor child will hate me for it someday. But for now, It's awfully funny!!


Jack's photo shoot!!

Posted by Emily Steiger on 2/16/2009 12:51:00 PM

Jack recently had a 4 month old photo shoot! Here are some good shots! Enjoy!


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